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Interface I

This particular project started out as a small pencil drawing and has rapidly developed into quite a monster of an idea. This painting represents a section of a much larger concept I have been grappling with for the last few years; namely how I can artistically render what I feel to be the relationship between the spiritual and the physical realms. The Interface series is an attempt on my part to illustrate the juncture at which the spiritual connects with the physical. I try to discuss this idea in a few ways. For one, the series will finally take me deeper into mixed-media projects. As a complex artistic body, Interface already has several components: colored pencil, modeling pastes, pumice gels, and oil color, all of which merge on this 7ft. canvas to form undulating, twisting, massive, fragmented, and adjoined bodies, charged with both divine and terrestrial energies. Even more, the amalgamation of various media symbolizes the connection that we all have with one another, however different our cultures or histories. In many ways this painting is a discussion of the African Diaspora, the fragmented body of a breathing, pulsating world once displaced, reimagined in my own mind and unified accordingly. I believe in the power and authority of the dreamscape, even as a means for me to (re)consider my homeland. Interface is a work in progress.